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Stephanie du Toit, a born and bred Capetonian. She grew up in the picturesque fisherman’s village of Hout Bay, nestled between mountains and dense forests, a few kilometres away from Cape Town

now available – Cold Fire

In the heart of Cairo, a timeless curse smoulders through the ages, its strength diminishing but never fully quenched. When archaeologists disturb the tomb of the malevolent serpent lord, an ancient evil awakens.

As the spheres align and adjust in the duat (underworld), it sets in motion a series of events that entangle the participants in a dangerous game, teetering between life and death, love and hate.

Oblivious to the looming danger, Samantha Fox, destined to inherit her mother’s wealth, is thrust into a realm of shadows and dreams.

A cryptic premonition urges her to flee but a fateful accident propels her toward her destiny.

Rescued by James Stewart, she finds solace, but also emotional turmoil. Caught between her emotions and the sinister darkness that once consumed her mother, Samantha engages in a tumultuous struggle for her soul.



To My Love

The darkness consumed me as I sat staring over the vast open plains of the desert.
The three towers of Giza still stand tall. In her time, she was something to see.
I grimace at the mighty Sphinx. After all this time, keeping watch like a loyal dog.
I suppose you’d wonder who I am that I can utter such things.


My world is a dark slithering one.
Venture too close, you will pay the price.
I will take,
Your last breath,
Your last wish,
Your last tear.

My darkness will tear you apart.

I will be your breath.
I will suffocate you until you yield to my power.
You will have no will.
All of you will be mine.
And your desire will be my crave.

Reader Reviews

Stephanie du Toit’s maiden novel is truly a joy to behold. Taking the reader on the main character Samantha’s trubulent journey to discover what influenced her life as it is, and to find her soulmate with a couple of surprise twits along the way. The journey is emotional, at times funny, romantic, brutal and scarey, always gripping and entertaining. Looking forward to many more novels by Stephanie.
Lynette Dreyer

I had the pleasure of editing COLD FIRE, and I have come away from this work inspired and deep in thought for which I thank you.  You do not come across as a first-time writer judging from the maturity of your writing.

I want to compliment you on your compelling story line which left me salivating for more after every chapter.

Reach Publishing

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Currently, Du Toit is working on a werewolf romance, Redemption to Freedom, in collaboration with fellow writer Annette du Toit (not related). The novel explores the identity of a lone Lycan who navigates the human world until she accidentally meets Daniel Sherwood, an Alpha Lycan – sparks fly! Read More


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